Jayson Tatum gets ejected for the first time in his career in Boston’s loss vs. the Knicks

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Celtics star Jayson Tatum - 'We gotta learn how to win again'

When asked what led him to get ejected from last night’s match against the Knicks, Celtics’ star Jayson Tatum said “I don’t know. But all the great players get thrown out a few times in their career. So, it’s good for my rep.”

With 3 minutes and 46 seconds left to the fourth quarter, the Boston foward suffered the first ejection of his career after a frustrating night falling 109 to 94 to the New York squad.

The superstar wasn’t happy at all with the way the whistle had judged him throughout the game, also feeling the officials weren’t protecting him on court.

As he picked his first technical foul at the end of the third quarter for demanding the lack of foul calls over his offensive attempts, the last time he requested a call would be his last of the match. Apparently, Tatum reacted with a sarcastic gesture as he missed a three-point shot and the referee had enough of him, sending him early to the showers.

Take a look at this Monday’s actions at a sold-out Madison Square Garden and judge it for yourselves:

Hours later, the Boston player took his thoughts to social media and retweeted the video that demonstrates the exact moment when All-Star Julius Randle makes contact with his arm as he’s trying the three-point shot that he eventually reacted to and got sent off court. His caption read: “Lol this what I get for fouling Bron.”

His tweet was in reference to last month’s controversy when the NBA officials admitted that Jayson should’ve been called out for a shooting foul on LeBron, as the 38-year-old tried to win the match with a layup in the last seconds of the contest. A frustrated James was seen having a small tantrum on the court’s floor, as he would later demand explanations from the referees.

“It’s tough,” Tatum admitted. “The first one, no call. If you look, it was clearly a foul. And those are the ones that’s tough. You get a tech for something that you probably was right about. [On the] second one, I just told him this was probably the best-officiated game I’ve been a part of. I tried to give him a compliment. Didn’t go over so well.”

Watch the athlete’s complete reaction to being ejected for the first time this past Monday:

After being asked a second time, Tatum was finally honest about what he said to the refs. “It was the best-officiated game I’ve been a part of. I meant it,” he said.

The Celtics roster prefer not to speak out because it will backfire on court

When asked Joe Mazzulla whether he felt the same way than his star player about the match, the coach paused.

“How can I say this without getting in trouble,” he asked, paused again and finally let out, “It wasn’t the same as the Philly game.”

Even though there was a huge free throw disparity between both teams last night, it ultimately had nothing to do with the fact that the Knicks outscored Boston by nine beyond the arc.

“I thought we missed a lot of good looks,” Mazzulla admitted. “They do a good job of putting pressure on the paint, and free throws, and so if you can’t make open shots you constantly have to guard [them attacking the] paint, and they put a lot of pressure on our defense. I just didn’t think it was our night.”

As the Celtics have blood in their eyes, revenge is right in front of their noses, as both these squads will meet again this Sunday in Boston.