Kevin Durant says he’ll ‘never respect’ Charles Barkley after the former NBA player criticized him yet again on “60 minutes”

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Kevin Durant and Charles Barkley are at each other’s throats once again, after the former NBA great dedicated more criticism for the Phoenix star in his latest “60 minutes” interview on Sunday night.

During the dialogue on CBS, the basketball broadcaster said that Durant was “part of that generation who think they can’t be criticized,” adding he is “very sensitive”.

The two-time NBA champion had enough of Barkley and took his feelings to social media, as he told him “This ain’t gettin tiring chuck?” via his Twitter account.

“I’ll never respect the words that come out ya mouth fam just deal with it,” the Suns foward wrote in response to Barkley’s latest rant.

This wasn’t the first time (and it won’t be the last, apparently) Barkley has been condemning of Durant, as the veteran player simply feels his rival is overplaying his role of trying to find faults in his personality and action on court.

It’s important to acknowledge that the Hall of Famer did mention he was a great player, but always has to look for something to annoy the Phoenix star, this time repeating on live television how poorly he reacts to criticism.

There is no doubt that Durant has grown tired of Barkley’s recurrent attacks on him, as he has made clear that we won’t ever be able to respect anything that the 60-year-old says.

Both players share a long history of back-and-forth accusations

Their latest discussion came just back in February, right when the Arizona squad traded in for the 2013/14 season’s MVP after a huge deal with the Brooklyn Nets. Barkley called him a “little baby”.

And last season again, he defined Durant as a “bus rider” just as his former team was eliminated from the playoffs against the Boston Celtics. “If you ain’t driving the bus,” Chuck said. “Don’t walk around talkin’ bout you a champion!”

Not too long ago, KD went on an very relaxed and comformtable interview with Boardroom’s The ETC’s, talking about music, his relationships, and eventually got to talk about what he really thinks of Barkley.

However, instead of attacking Chuck directly, Durant talked about how the media industry works. “The suspense sells the product. It’s an entertainment business at the end of the day and that’s how it is,” he said. “That’s how a lot of people view it, that’s how fans look at the game. There’s others who see the purity of the game, the essence, you know? People who played, people who were a part of it, but to the masses it’s entertainment.”

“It’s a storyline,” he continued. “The last 6-7 years it’s been that story for me, putting pressure. If I don’t live up to your expectations I’ll be slandered. But what really is that? They gonna cut me, weigh me?”

For Durant, the modern world is so full of powerful influences that he feels it’s difficult to find your own voice. “That’s why media is so powerful, they can capture the mindset and brain of anybody and make them believe and think what they think,” the foward explained. “That’s what we get when we have so many outlets and sources.”