Michael Jordan’s son wishes to have NBA legend as best man in case he marries Larsa Pippen


At the end of 2022, Marcus Jordan and Larsa Pippen went viral when they announced they were dating each other, until they officially decided to confirm their sentimental relationship at the start of the year. A lot has been said about Michael’s son sharing a life with Scottie’s ex-wife, as both Bulls legends have a broken relationship.

The controversy between the Hall of Famers started when the former Chicago center spoke ill of Jordan in “The Last Dance” documentary that portrayed the final years of the Bulls dynasty in the 90s. Apparently, their friendship has been buried and there’s no turning back.

This is why this new bond between Jordan’s son and Pippen’s ex-wife is especially spicy with polemic, as it only digs the knife deeper behind the former Chicago stars.

Now it seems there’s talk of a potential wedding, and Marcus wishes his father could share the spotlight with him when the time comes.

“I was the best man at his wedding and the best man at my brother’s wedding, so obviously, we’ll keep the tradition going is my thoughts,” he told Pablo Torre in his own Finds Out podcast.

However, the 32-year-old revealed that his family is “very private” and anticipated how they would probably have two weddings – one big public gathering and another private ceremony.

Larsa Pippen, on the other hand, had already told E! News some time ago that she’s definitely expecting to have a wedding sometime in the future. “I think so, I liked being married,” Scottie’s ex-wife said. “I like marriage, I feel like it’s great, it’s great to be able to build with someone, plan the future with someone. So, marriage to me is kind of important.”

Marcus, the former college basketball athlete, is set to make an appearance on the sixth season of The Real Housewives of Miami.

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith has already discussed his disapproval for this relationship saying “there’s certain lines you [just] don’t cross”

During the summer, NBA legend Michael Jordan shouted a big “No!” when asked by the paparazzi if he approved of his son Marcus’ relationship with Pippen. It seems that the Bulls legend is not the only one who disagrees with this new couple, as ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith had went on a rant saying “there’s certain lines you [just] don’t cross”.

“You know that when you knew [Michael] Jordan, you was Pippen’s woman, and the mother of his children,” he started out. “So for you to transition from that to dating his son is at the very least, uncomfortable. So she’s sitting up there, she’s talking, admitting it probably is awkward for Scottie and Michael…you think, really? You don’t understand that as a woman? You a grown woman…”

The ESPN icon believes that anyone who is aware of the context between both families and their history together, knows there are limits of basic respect you simply can’t surpass.

“At one point in time they were family, Scottie Pippen and [Michael Jordan],” he added, especially considering how both Chicago legends won six NBA titles together and many thought of them as perfect partners to each other on the basketball floor.