MRI on Luka Doncic’s Left Thigh Negative

Mavericks Luka Doncic records fifth 50-point game, joins Michael Jordan and LeBron James

The Dallas Mavericks received some good news regarding their superstar, Luka Doncic. Mavericks fans were holding their breath when they heard the news of Doncic exiting Wednesday’s loss to the New Orleans Pelicans. Thankfully, an MRI showed no significant damage to the All-Star’s left thigh. When asked about the injury, Doncic had this to say:

“I didn’t get hit. So, it’s kind of weird for me.”

The good news for the Mavericks is that Doncic will not be expected to miss significant time, especially with the playoffs right around the corner. With that in mind, they will need their star tandem of Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving at their best for every game down this stretch.

Luka Doncic’s MRI Comes up Negative

Luka Doncic: His Season So Far

At the start of the season, Luka Doncic was in the thick of the MVP conversation. There was even a point where he was the favorite to win the award. This year, he is averaging 33 points, eight assists, 8.6 total rebounds, and even 1.5 steals per game. Not to mention, Doncic is also tallying career-highs in effective field goal percentage (56.3 percent), offensive rating (120), and box plus/minus rating (9.5). One can clearly see that Doncic is having a career year and deserves to be in the MVP conversation. However, the team success this season has been somewhat inconsistent.

Dallas’ Season Thus Far

The Mavericks currently find themselves in the eighth seed in the Western Conference with a win-loss record of 34-33. The Los Angeles Lakers are behind them right now with a win-loss record of 32-34 but are starting to gain momentum. The Mavericks have been popping in and out of the top half of the Western Conference all season. This inconsistency is partly why they traded for Kyrie Irving hoping to give Luka Doncic some extra firepower. Dallas is currently the sixth best team in the league in terms of offensive at 116.1, but they rank 23rd in defensive rating at 115.6. Part of this could be attributed to the depth they traded away to acquire Kyrie Irving, but the defense has also been inconsistent all season long. For Dallas’ playoff sakes, hopefully Luka Doncic come back sooner than expected. The negative MRI result is already a promising sign for the team. Especially when you take into account the special season Luka Doncic has been having.

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