NBA great Shaquille O’Neal reveals who are the only three players who dunked over him in his 19-year career

Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls (R) passes the

Back in the day, no one could even dream of dunking over seven-foot-one Shaquille O’Neal, but he’s finally admitted who were the only three players to achieve this feat during his 19-year NBA career that ended back in 2011. 

In a recent interview, the four-time league champion said he remembers perfectly how each and every one of those three slams happened. “I always wanted to take pride in not getting dunked on,” he first stated. “In 20 years, I only got dunked on three times.”

When asked to be specific about who were these athletes, Shaq didn’t hesitate. “Derrick Coleman, Michael Jordan and Tim Perry.”

Check out this video explaining the contexts behind these special slams over the NBA legend:

As the former Lakers star mentioned the last name on the list, the interview immediately interjected. “Tim Perry? Was it a breakaway? It must have been a breakaway dunk.”

O’Neal answered, “No, baseline dunk. I went up lazily, and he threw it down on me.”