Warriors coach Steve Kerr remains hopeful his foward Andrew Wiggins will still return to court this campaign


Although it was reported a couple of weeks ago that Warriors foward Andrew Wiggins had very low probabilities of returning to help his team this season, his coach Steve Kerr is the last person to lose hope. The player has now missed his 20th game in a row due to a family issue that hasn’t been disclosed. 

The veteran is still working out and training on his own everyday in case he ever feels ready again to contribute to the Golden State’s case of defending their championship. Both training and medical staffs are ready to evaluate his fitness if that day ever comes.

“Beyond that, once he’s back our training staff will be able to get with him and see where he is,” Kerr told the press yesterday after the match vs. New Orleans.

As frustrating as the situation is, there are no details whatsoever over what kind of family matter the 28-year-old is dealing with, because it has been kept completely private. The foward is yet to play for the Warriors ever since they beat the Washington Wizards on February 13.

After this Tuesday’s amazing comeback win against the Pelicans, Wiggins missed his 40th contest of the season, as he was sidelined for three because of left foot soreness, seven more due to a non-COVID related illness, and finally 10 more matches from a strained adductor in his right thigh.

The six-foot-seven athlete is an important part of Golden State’s roster, as last year he signed a contract extension for four more years at the club. This tournament, the foward is averaging 17.1 points, 5.0 rebounds and 2.3 assists after 37 matches so far.

Last season he had his breakthrough, as he earned his first All-Star selection, and reached the playoffs just for the second time in his eight-year career, contributing to his team to conquer his first-ever NBA ring. The player is well remembered for accepting difficult defensive roles in Kerr’s strategy and providing versatility to the Warriors roster.

Even though his disposition is still unclear, the coach is optimistic his personal situation will be resolved. “There’s hope but it’s I guess indefinite, it’s also appropriate because we don’t know,” Kerr said.

One of his best performances of the current season was probably his last wearing Golden State’s jersey, as he dropped 29 points, won 7 rebounds and handed out 4 assists against the Wizards back in February.

Check out the veteran’s highlights of that match as the Bay Area squad won 135 to 126:

One of the rumours swirling around the Bay Area camp is that Wiggins discovered his wife was cheating on him. Not too long ago, gossip stirred up in social media as one important Twitter account made it public.

“Rumors: the reason Andrew Wiggins has taken the last month or so off from #DubNation is because he found out his wife has been having an affair with his best friend, and all this time Wiggins has been raising their kid?? Nah man that’s just messed up bruhhh,” the MoondoomerPlays account wrote. 

Former NBA champion Paul Pierce reacted to this post, making the story blow up even more. He even took it to social media last week and posted “Please tell me that Andrew Wiggins rumor not True”.