Who would win in a potential NBA vs. the World game? Here are some star player’s opinions

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Can you think of which would be the greatest basketball game of all time? Think about it, there’s still a contest out there that we’ve always dreamt of, but maybe thought it was impossible and simply dissed it. Well, nowadays anything can happen as we consider basketball not only a sport, but a main mean of entertainment. 

The NBA has always felt like the center of the basketball world, but players like Luka Doncic have said before that he even prefers to watch the Euroleague because he considers it to be more competititve. So the question arises, who would win in a potential U.S. NBA players vs. the World?

This would certainly be the game of a lifetime and for better or worse, truly reflect where basketball stands and where the sport is practiced best. Only the thought of it excites to imagine players really giving it all on the court to earn the world’s bragging rights.

So, what do NBA stars think of a game between the 12 best players born in the United States against a World Dream Team?

“That’s gonna be tough for the USA,” said Slovenian Goran Dragic, who plays guard for the Chicago Bulls and has been a part of the NBA for 14 campaigns already.

We couldn’t expect less from his compatriot Luka Doncic, another European who’s really innovated the NBA with his style of play. “I have to say international because I would be on the international team,” the Dallas Mavericks guard said, just meaning whoever he plays with will win.

Others, instead of keeping the prediction neutral, went all the way. “I would be confident that we will win,” said Milwaukee forward Joe Ingles, who was born in Australia. Even though the Bucks player doesn’t believe he would make the cut to participate, he would be as excited as everyone. “You’d be cutting players who are All-Stars or borderline stars,” Ingles said. “I wouldn’t make the team if it was 12 guys. But I’d go to training camp and watch.”

Milwaukee Bucks star Giannis Antetokounmpo also believes the World team would be triumphant, but decided to deepen further his opinion. “We will win, I really believe that,” the Greek Freak assured.

The thing is, the international invasion of the NBA is growing quickly into a revolution. As four of the Top 5 MVP Ladder players are European, the favourite first pick of the next Draft is to be Victor Wembanyama, a French sensation who is destined to be a generational talent in the NBA.

Check out 20-straight-minutes of seven-foot-four young star Wembanyama:

The Greek star believes if they play against the new generation of Americans, they would win big. “I think it should be generation vs. generation because the internationals, we are young and some of us are just getting into our prime,” he stated. “Match us with the Americans who are young and getting in their prime. Guys our age, in the 22-28 range. Yes, we beat them.”

“If you add the others who have been around like LeBron and KD and Steph, maybe we still have success but it might be a little unfair and a little bit of an edge for them, you know,” he added.

Who would play for each side in this potential battle?

The five internationals would start with a front line of MVP Ladder contestants Nikola Jokic from the Denver Nuggets, Philadelphia 76ers center Joel Embiid (who was born in Cameroon) and of course Antetokounmpo. The backcourt would bring the Mavs guard Luka Doncic and Canadian Shai Gilgeous-Alexander from Oklahoma City Thunder.

Who else would complete the World’s reserves? Lauri Markkanen, Deandre Ayton, Pascal Siakam, Domantas Sabonis, Rudy Gobert, Jamal Murray and… maybe Kristaps Porzingis? It’s hard to choose as the list is long.

As for the U.S. representatives, the first to come to mind are of course Stephen Curry, LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and James Harden who are already considered legends of the game even before retirement.

To this list other players like Anthony Davis, Jayson Tatum, Ja Morant, Devin Booker, Zion Williamson, Damian Lillard, would defintely make the cut. And finally we could include other stars such as Karl-Anthony Towns or even Kawhi Leonard.