High School Basketball NIL Rankings: Bronny James, Mikey Williams lead Top-10 list

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Just as we are in the middle of March Madness and its NCAA Tournament, college basketball’s greatest stage, high school players are already making a name for themselves as they hope to take the next big step in their young careers and eventually play in the NBA.

Recently, On3 revealed their yearly list of teenage basketball prospect’s worth as they are currently ending their senior years and getting ready to choose which university will they represent as they maintain they academic aspirations before becoming professional athletes.

Bronny James, the son of NBA legend Lebron, leads the NIL list of most valuable athletes in high school as he is supposed to be worth around $7.2 million with only 18 years of age. Quite an expectation to live up to!

It’s actually no surprise that the young adult is worth that much, considering he’s been hyped ever since he was a young teen, not only because he’s extremely talented, but because he brings a lot of press and coverage to the table.

James hasn’t only signed an endorsement deal with Nike since last year, he’s already played in many of USA’s national team divisions, as he is being groomed by many different hands to achieve his potential.

About his college aspirations, it’s been reported that the Sierra Canyon High School’s soon-to-be graduate is considering Oregon, USC and Ohio State as his main options, this last one being the strongest choice.

But Bronny isn’t the only famous teenager around. Another one expected for greatness is San Ysidro High School star Mikey Williams. The young Californian has been averaging 23.8 points, 9.2 assists, 3.2 rebounds, and 1 steal per game in his 2022/23 season.

About where his future lies, his father was clear on taking the path through college first, and not jump any steps towards becoming a pro. “It was his top 10 when he put it out. You have had coaches change, Covid and so many things have happened since then. You have this transfer portal, right?”, Williams said. “Hey, he may want to go to this school, but the transfer portal may say we’ve got two guards better than you.”

“So, at the end of the day he’s still going to college,” he made it clear. “And we are still trying to figure out what does that top five or top ten look like now that you have a Puma deal, now that you have the transfer portal and all of these things are going to impact his decision to choose a school, so we are reshaping it.”

Now that Mikey’s high school career is over, check out his official senior year mixtape:

Take a look at the latest Top-10 best high school athletes heading for college

According to On3, these are the hottest teenage prospects in the United States based on talent, stats, endorsements, followers and media coverage:

1. Bronny James, Sierra Canyon (worth $7.2 million)

2. Mikey Williams, San Ysidro (worth $3.3 million)

3. Jared McCain, Centennial (worth $1.2 million)

4. Bryce James, Sierra Canyon (worth $1.2 million)

5. Robert Dillingham, Overtime Elite (worth $837,000)

6. DJ Wagner Jr., Camden (worth $690,000)

7. Matas Buzelis, Sunrise Christian (worth $574,000)

8. Isaiah Collier, Wheeler (worth $569,000)

9. Justin Edwards, Imhotep Institute (worth $549,000)

10. Aaron Bradshaw, Camden (worth $516,000)

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