NBA Hall of Famer Paul Pierce defends Grizzlies all-star Ja Morant over recent gun controversy surrounding the fourth-year pro

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Ja Morant has an enormous amount of negativity surrounding himself right now and a change needs to happen soon. The two-time all-star has had numerous dealings with the police and issues surrounding guns over the last year. It all piled up after a video surfaced over the weekend of Morant waiving a gun on his social media. While many are criticizing the young superstar, NBA Hall of Famer Paul Pierce is defending Morant as he’s been in his shoes once before. 

The Grizzlies were in Denver this past Friday and a video of Ja Morant at a nightclub came out. In the video it was clearly seen that Morant waived a small hand gun in front of the camera and that caused a huge issue within the league and the Grizzlies organization.

It was initially said Morant would miss at least two game, but not there is “no timetable” on when he might make a return. Not what the Grizzlies needs to be dealing with at this point in the season. Tennessee Sports Betting sites have the Grizzlies at (+1800) to win the Finals this season.

Paul Peirce defends Ja Morant for carrying a gun, says ‘Y’all don’t know what he’s going thru’

The Grizzlies announced yesterday that Morant is in a “healing process” and that there is no timetable on when he may be making a return to the team. He’s had a lot of attention drawn to him within the last week and the team decided he needed to step away and come back better.

On the court, it’s been another great season for Morant as he earned his second-straight all-star selection. However, the off-court drama is starting to pile up and that’s not what Memphis wants to see out of their superstar PG. NBA Hall of Famer Paul Pierce took to social media to defend Morant and had this to say.

“I don’t care what y’all say about Ja,”… “I carried a gun after I was stabbed y’all don’t know what he going thru everyone got something to say until u really know what’s really going on in someone life when u black and rich u a target period.” – Paul Pierce

In September 2000, Pierce was stabbed 11 times after an incident in a Boston night club. He admitted to carrying a gun after this happened and he feels for Morant as he says nobody knows what it like to be in his shoes. With the image that Peirce has casted for himself over recent years, he may not be the ideal person to be defending Morant’s actions.