San Antonio Spurs are February’s biggest losers in the NBA after recording a 1-10 track this past month


The Spurs hadn’t won a single match since January 17th, when they defeated the Brooklyn Nets in Texas. After losing 16 games in a row, the San Antonio squad finally awakened from their sleep last night to taste a victory once again and beat the Jazz 102 to 94.

Neverthless, this makes the Texan team February’s biggest losers in the NBA, after a 1-10 track this past month. Their last defeat was during last Saturday’s clash against the Jazz in Salt Lake City by a 16 point margin, but they were able to take revenge this Tuesday as they met Utah for a second consecutive matchup at the AT&T Center.

Gratefully the Spurs were able to take vengeance at home, as their stronghold has been one of the only positive assets this season, winning 10 out of their 15 victories there.

So now the San Antonio franchise fell to the 14th place of the Western Conference with 47 defeats in 62 contests so far. Most of our recommended sport betting sites believe the Spurs have now the 27th best odds (+100,000), tied in possibilities with other teams at the end of the general standings like the Detroit Pistons.

Before the All-Star break, the Texan side has broken their own record for the longest losing streak, which used to be 13 in a row. Now at 16, we can’t help but look at all the shattered pieces to try and figure out what is going on in San Antonio.

One of the main conflicts has been the team has nearly half of its roster on the injury report, making it extremely difficult to compete throughout whole games with strong starting lineup and reserves.

On the other hand, five-time NBA champion coach Gregg Popovich seems more concerned about the future than the present, as he’s actually enjoying his time leading the Spurs.”Watching them develop is what the real joy is in a group like this,” the trainer said in a recent press conference.

For Popovich, now it’s time to concentrate on rebuilding the roster, as patient while raising children. “It’s about teaching them individually what it takes to be in the NBA, develop their skills, and then teach them how it fits with a team and how to play with each other,” the coach explained.

Yes, San Antonio can brag they possess one of the youngest rosters in the NBA, especially after they traded away their veterans during the trade deadline. Now, their youth is finally getting a chance to prove themselves on court.

Heat, Rockets and Nets also had very poor performances this month

We’ve been waiting on the Heat all season to finally turn up the temperature and play as well as they did when they reached Game 7 of the conference finals last year.

After this weekend’s loss to the Charlotte Hornets, Miami’s record this month fell to 3-6. The thing is, not even their three triumphs have been convincing, as they were against three of worst teams in the league (Pacers, Rockets, and Magic) and the victories came by very small margins.

“I’m tired of losing,” Jimmy Butler said recently to the Miami Herald. “We’ve got to figure this out very, very quickly.”

Houston Rockets, on the other hand, are also on a grave losing streak, having suffered defeats in their last 10 contests. Their last victory was on February 1st against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

As for Brooklyn, it’s mostly disappointing, as they started the campaign so strongly and now have fallen to a 3-7 record this month. It’s no surprise the Nets are suffering to find their new identity on court, as they are looking for the best formula to fill in the shoes Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving left in New York.

Probably the hardest thing is how poorly they’ve been defeated, as three of their February losses came by 18+ points.