Stepen A. Smith Says LeBron James Is ‘Personally Responsible’ For Ruining The Slam Dunk Contest

Stephen A. Smith pic

The Saturday night all-star festivities were a bit underwhelming this year according to a number of NBA fans and media. Luckily Mac McClung was there to save the day and out on a show in the dunk contest that got the peoples attention. According to ESPN media personality Stephen A. Smtih, LeBron James is ‘personally responsible’ for ruining the slam dunk contest by not ever participating. 

A lack of star power in the skills challenge, three-point, and dunk contest were all clear on Saturday night. Players were struggling to do basic drills in the skills challenge, were missing a large number of three’s, and some more than underwhelming dunks to top the night off.

That’s why Smith say that James is personally responsible for ruining the dunk contest. California Sports Betting sites have the Laker at (+2500) to the Finals the season.

Is Stephen A. Smith correct in saying that LeBron James ‘personally ruined’ the slam dunk contest?

On his show First Take this morning, Smith applauded LeBron James for some of his career accomplishments and said he thinks he’s the second-greatest player of all-time. He even went on to say that he’s been an incredible role model for kids to look up to and has been a global ambassador for the game of basketball. However, he did say that James will have one blemish on his career after he hangs it up.

Here’s what Stephen A. had to say about LeBron never competing in the slam dunk contest.

“But there is one blemish that should be on LeBron James’ career — he has ruined the Slam Dunk Contest. He is personally responsible.” – Stephen A. Smith

He then went on to mention NBA Hall of Famers who competed in at least one career dunk contest like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Tracy McGrady, Julius Erving, Vince Carter, and Dominique Wilkins. It might be a hot take to say that LeBron himself ruined the slam dunk contest. We have seen players less inclined now more than ever in the past to turn down competing in the event.