Suns Kevin Durant reveals what he admires the most about his teammates, especially Chris Paul


It’s been two weeks already since Kevin Durant became the biggest news story in basketball right before the latest trade deadline came to an end, as he left Brooklyn for a sensational transfer to Phoenix. He still hasn’t played due to an injury his been carrying since January, but after a few practices with his new squad, he already expressed admiration for his teammates.

Is there any other sport as unpredictable as basketball? Yeah, the Suns were having a good season overall before KD came along, but nowadays they are considered absolute title contenders as the feel around the squad is immensely inspiring.

Just take a look at what our favorite sport betting sites agree upon, as of now they believe they have the second best odds (+450) to conquer the NBA title this year, only behind the Boston Celtics. The same can be said about Brooklyn, who went from Top 5 greatest chances this year, to fall to the 15th best possibilities (+10,000) to win the league. Unpredictable, to say the least!

To honor the truth, nobody expected Durant to jump to another team, as his decision was rooted by Kyrie Irving’s ultimatum to have the Nets management renew his contract, or leave the club. Now that Irving is a part of the Mavericks, Brooklyn’s three big players (including James Harden) all left their former squad in the past months.

Durant praises Chris Paul and says he’s excited to share the court together

We are all looking foward to see how the superstar coexists on court with his teammates, but after just a few training sessions, Durant has expressed to feel excited about playing next to Chris Paul. Will there be chemistry though?

“CP really loves ball. He just likes watching the game, likes analyzing, likes going through strategy and stuff,” the power foward said in an interview with Arizona Sports this week. “I think his IQ for the game, I think his enthusiasm for the game, I think that goes underrated.”

Here you can see all three players sharing practice for the Suns, as KD is getting fit to make his debut:

Durant addressed how Paul has been a good leader in his adaptation process. “It’s been a week there now, a couple of practices, a few games, and he is always pulling me to the side and we’re just talking hoop. So I love that about him,” the veteran said. “Once our team gets whole, we’ll figure out where we are and see what holes need to get plugged in.”

Both Paul and Devin Booker have taken the Phoenix franchise to a whole new level, as the squad had struggled in the last 5 years, but as of last season, the Suns are slowly, but surely becoming one of the best teams in the league. For CP, Durant’s addition is exactly what they needed.

“It’s different,” Paul told ESPN about having Durant in their roster. “It’s taken some getting used to. I was telling Devin the other day, I played with a lot of great players, ” he said. “I got a chance to play with Blake Griffin, I got a chance to play with David West early in my career, I played with James Harden.”

“But probably never two guys of this caliber, as far as Devin and KD. I know I’m not taking it for granted. I told Booker not to,” Paul admitted.