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WATCH: Transformers ad during March Madness Final Four will blow your mind

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Advertising and sports go together as much as hot cocoa and marshmellows. They are two completely separate things, but when combined, they are a powerful match. In sports nowadays, every aspect from TV comercials to stadium signs, they all play a role in the entertainment business involved in these competitions.

Last week, the Transformers brand took advertising to a whole new level during March Madness’ Final Four, as the court became a virtual battleground for decepticons and autobots. But to anyone not paying attention, could’ve perfectly thought it was real!

Take a look at how impressive this ad looked on television, it’ll surely blow your mind:

Most of the comments were of pure amazement as they saw the ad live on broadcast. “My 7 year old saw that and was convinced it was real. That’s how I know it’s a good ad,” someone wrote on Twitter.

Although we could argue that corporal greed has tried to conquer sports and use players as walking billboards, some simply find the perfect balance and make sure to stay out of the professional competitor’s way during the game and stick to transitions at halftime or between quarters.

According to Business Weekly, advertisers were paying a record breaking $6.5 million for a 30 second commercial during last year’s Super Bowl, as stakes are higher every year and money from publicity helps the sports world go round.

You can decide to like or dislike sports, but it’s unavoidable to turn on the screen and not find any sort of sport competitions. The same goes for advertising, as it’s become universal and everywhere you look you’ll find a company marketing their products.

However, even athletes have found a liking to it. Nowadays, sport figures have become the spokesperson for drink companies or apparel for products completely unrelated to their sport.

We expect a huge show in Texas as the men’s NCAA Tournament comes to an end

If the Final Four exhibitions put on a show, then we can expect a great display of both sports and advertisement in Monday’s championship match between No.5 San Diego State University and No. 4 University of Connecticut.

Check out CBS’s panel of experts preview on the championship game tonight:

Not only do most experts consider the Huskies to be clear favorites to take the title home tonight, but also our recommended sport betting sites. Per BetOnline, for example, UConn is a seven-point favorite.

The thing is, you can’t cross out the Aztecs after their amazing comeback game in the Final Four. “You know, what was interesting about SDSU — sitting there courtside on Saturday night — is it was down 14,” CBS analyst Matt Norlander said. “It had been three seasons since SDSU had faced a 14-point deficit or greater and came back and won the game. And when it did that, I believe it was Pepperdine. So, it’s not really a 35-win FAU team.”

The national championship game will air live tonight at 9:20 p.m. ET from NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas.