3 Best James Harden Trade Destinations | NBA Trade Deadline

Recently, James Harden made headlines with rumors that he wants out of Brooklyn. Per reports, Harden has not enjoyed his time living in Brooklyn and would be willing to relocate, especially to Philadelphia. This comes as a shock considering just last year Harden forced his way out of Houston so that he could have a […]

Mathew Huff  •  25 Jan 2022
3 Best John Wall Trade Destinations

Even though it’s far from likely, John Wall could see him on a new team before the NBA’s trade deadline, and Matt John details who could show interest in the five-time all-star.

Alan Draper  •  07 Jun 2022
Bol Bol Sent to Celtics in 3-Team NBA Trade

As the NBA Trade Deadline next month approaches, we will continue to see more and more NBA trades. The most recent transaction was a three-team trade with the Boston Celtics, San Antonio Spurs and Denver Nuggets. The notable movement was the Bol Bol trade to Boston. Celtics Get: Bol Bol, PJ Dozier Nuggets Get: Bryn […]

Zach Brunner  •  19 Jan 2022
NBA Trade Talk: Is Jerami Grant The Missing Piece For Chicago Bulls?

The Bulls have one glaring weakness that they need to address before next month’s trade deadline. Jerami Grant can vault this team to the top as the final piece to their championship puzzle.

Chad Smith  •  17 Jan 2022