Grizzlies all-star Ja Morant being accused threatening a teenage boy with a gun last summer and threatening mall security in Memphis, per reports

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On the court, it’s been another strong season for Grizzlies two-time all-star Ja Morant. He’s been a catalyst on both ends of the floor for his team and that’s why they are second in the West at 38-23. However, Morant has been dealing with numerous off-court issues that are piling up at this point. The 23 year old has been accused of threating a teenage boy with a hand gun and also threatening mall security in Memphis, per reports. Not what the Grizzlies want to be dealing with mid-season. 

Apparently Morant and some of his people came to the mall to defend his mother. She had been in an alleged dispute with an employee at Finish Line and then had called her soon to help resolve the issue. Fast-forward four days later and Morant was then in the alleged incident where he threatened a teenage bout with a gun.

On top of all this some of his acquaintances were accused of harassing Pacers staff with red lasers while driving past them on the street. Despite all the off-court drama, Tennessee Sports Betting sites have the Grizzlies at (+1800) to win the Finals this season.

What will happen with all the off-court issues Ja Morant is currently dealing with?

The timeline in which these events happened started with the incident at the mall with the security guard. Morant’s mother had gotten in a dispute at the mall with an employee at Finish Line and called him to come help. He then pulled up to the mall with a group of people who were asked to leave by the mall security.

They refused to leave and that prompted the police to show up. A “verbal confrontation” transpired and the security guard was pushed in the head by one of Morant’s people and filed a report saying he felt threatened. Four days later, the incident with the teenage boy and a gun at his house occurred.

He was accused of punching a 17-year old boy at the time, 12-13 times during a pickup basketball game at the all-stars house. The boy claimed a “large knot” was left on the side of his head afterwards and the police investigated. Reports also say that Morant went inside after the fight and re-emerged with a visible gun in his waistband.

Local prosecutors revived the case and did not file any charges saying they had “decided that there was not enough evidence to proceed with a case”. This is three separate incidents for Morant within one calendar year and he may need to take his off-court actions a bit more seriously moving forward.