Watch Scottie Barnes and the rest of his teammates try to understand why he was ejected vs the Nuggets last night

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Scottie Barnes ejection pic

The Toronto Raptors were in control for a majority of the game vs the Denver Nuggets last night. That was 2021-22 ROY Scottie Barnes was ejected from the game and Denver was essentially able to seal the game after that. Nobody on the court for the Raptors including Barnes could understand why he was ejected and even the refs after the game has some fishy explanations for why it happened. It costed the Raptors a much-needed win that they did not get. 

After the loss Toronto fell to 32-34 this year. They are currently ninth in the Eastern Conference with just 16 games left in the regular season. The Raptors were so close to winning that game last night, but the ejection of Scottie Barned derailed Toronto in the biggest moment of the game.

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Barnes’ ejection derailed the Raptors last night and essentially handed the game to the Nuggets

Jakob Poeltl had been called for a foul late in the game and Barnes claimed he was talking to himself, but Scott Foster saw otherwise. The veteran referee said that Barned made some comments that questioned the integrity of the officials and was ejected with just one technical foul which is not very common.

His body language was normal and it really must have been what Barnes said that got him ejected with just one foul. He said he was talking to himself and the ref thought he was speaking to him. Even NBA veteran Andre Iguodala took to twitter to try to understand Fosters rationale behind ejecting Barnes.

Head coach Nick Nurse was furious at the end of the game and was trying to plead his case for his young player, but there was no stopping Scott Foster. Nurse said there “was nothing there, nothing” when referring to the play that Barnes was ejected. He was still impressed with his team’s effort against the best team in the Western Conference.