Grizzlies Ja Morant Responds To Incident He’s Being Investigated By The League For, Says It’s “Cap”

Ja Morant

Grizzlies all-star Ja Morant is having another solid season with the team. They are currently 32-21 which is second in the Western Conference and four and a half games back from Denver. Just yesterday the league announced some disturbing details surround Morant and an incident that happened on 1/29. The full details and story are not present yet, but Memphis’ all-star Ja Morant is calling “cap” on the whole situation.

Two Sunday’s ago, the Memphis Grizzlies hosted the Indiana Pacers and Memphis won the game, 112-100. All was well for roughly a week after until details emerged on the incident surrounding Ja Morant and the members of his party confronting members of the Pacers in an “aggressive manner”.

Morant used the term “cap” which is another way of saying there is no truth to the allegations against himself and the associates he was with. Not the kind of drama the team wants to be dealing with. Tennessee Sports Betting sites have the Grizzlies at (+1200) to win the Finals this season.

Morant dealing with off-court issues as the Grizzlies are on a three-game losing streak

The league announced the an investigation has been launched regarding the incident, but couldn’t determine whether a threat was made with a weapon. At some point after the game an SUV in which Morant was in, allegedly trained a red laser on Pacers personnel. Members from Indiana were concerned that there was a gun on the other end of that red laser.

An unnamed member from the Pacers was reported saying “We felt we were in grave danger”. Grizzlies two-time all-star Ja Morant missed last night’s game with a wrist injury and was not available to speak to the media. His head coach Taylor Jenkins addressed the media as best he could on what he knows and what Memphis is doing about it.

“That was addressed internally. Aware of the investigation of the NBA. We were fully compliant with it. I think they came out with a statement saying nothing was corroborated or found. … That’s all I’m going to comment about.” – Taylor Jenkins

This is not the first time that the Grizzlies franchise player has ended up in the news for the wrong reasons. Just last month he was sued over another incident in which allegedly involving him hitting a minor.